Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is Sarah Palin a hero? I report, you decide.

Photo from

Never mind the obvious. This picture looks like she is obviously saying "YAY! I love Chick-Fil-A! Thanks for making sure gay people can't get married!". As if Adam and Steve getting hitched really affected her way of life. While I'd love to go on and on about CFA's recent PR fuck-up I'll just go with KFC and hope that Chick gets invaded by shemales. I choose rather to take my aim at someone who gets way too much credit for contributing so little. 

Since when do we award ignorance? While that might seem a vague question- it deserves to be asked as to why this political talking head gets so much credit and praise for actions that would otherwise ruin the image or career of an ordinary, working class person (like you, the reader).

The fact is, Sarah Palin is not a hero- and I would hope there are registered Republicans who agree that she is just a cheerleader for the right. You're not "rogue" if you don't finish what you start- but so many people gave a standing ovation to her walking away from her job as the governor of Alaska. You are also not a model parent if your daughter gets pregnant by a douchebag. If someone like the average American has children out of wedlock, the religious right-wing crowd won't give you the time of day- unless your Bristol Palin. The right had a lot to say about NOT criticizing her for the mistake that her daughter made, but in an alternate universe the right wouldn't have been so fair to a Democrat parent having a child that made a similar mistake. Does anyone perhaps remember her giving a speech while reading notes on her hand? In speech class that would give you an "F" ... in middle school...even if you were in the "special class".

If you're still thinking I am playing the Liberal card then just take a look at our lives compared to the Palin clan. The inequality inherent in our society becomes more clear the closer you look. Let's say that I quit my job because I'm not happy with the "way things work"- I'm not looked upon favorably. In that regard, I'm just a quitter and an unemployed burden to the state. Perhaps it was better that I stick around and try my best to change things by staying in the game? But if you're Sarah, leaving halfway through gets you a job at Faux News.

If the majority of conservatives really look up to these kinds of people then its no wonder their side has such opposition. If all this doesn't make you go "hmmmm" then consider this: 

If McCain had not picked her as a running mate, do you think Obama be in the White House today?

Things Conservatives Need To Get Used To: Gay Marriage

Attention Conservatives,

I don't know if you've ever looked away from Faux News long enough to notice, or have been distracted by other nonsense, but turn down Mike Savage's meltdown on the radio and spend a few minutes to read on...

These are things you just have to accept. Let's start with something that many of you think is so damned important.

I think its very important to start with the facts about myself personally seeing that I am the writer of this post: I am not gay. I am a straight, white, all American male that isn't attracted to the same sex. I have a female fiance (That was born female!). So with that being said, don't start resorting to calling me a 'fag' or just because I have rebutted your pro-hate argument. Besides that, the word "fag" doesn't mean homosexual anymore thanks to South Park: click here for an explanation to that.

So why would I give a shit about gay people trying to marry? I don't know; why do you give a shit?

You conservatives are always trying to impede on the lives and liberties of other people. Whether its gays trying to marry or black people trying to avoid getting beaten by the police, the oppression seems to be fun for you. Even if the outcome of such unions or progressions affects you or affects you very little, you seem to think that the issue is all about YOU. Believe it or not, you conservatives are not the only people that have to live in this country and you might just have to have a gay co-worker, relative, or teacher in your kid's school.

First you gave mixed race couples a lot of shit for joining together and having lives. You conservatives even marched to Capital Hill to protest those marriages and somehow tried to relate it to communism(?). What a surprise; it didn't work. You can't tell people who to love and who they should join together with and form families. I guess conservatives fear the success of mixed race people like:

Yeah, that guy.

Now you're getting all butt-hurt for gays getting or wanting to get hitched. It wouldn't affect you, your economy or your way of life, gays aren't really for trying to convert people like door to door religious salesmen (they just joke about it). What the fuck is your deal? Gays have been trying to fight the image of being promiscuous since the 1980's AIDS epidemic. Now they want to show that they can be just as upstanding as the typical American family and you want to block them. How about obeying our Declaration of Independence and treat people as equals- or do you simply want to deny a group of Americans that right...again. 

Either way, two men getting hitched isn't going to cause the wrath of God. People against interracial marriage tried to promote this notion and as I mentioned it didn't work and we've yet to see any wrath. Oh, in case you want to start bring up any current natural disasters then here is a final thought:

Hurricanes and earthquakes are caused by barometric pressures and tectonic plates shifting, not Adam and Steve or Ellen and Eve.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Terrorism in the USA: The Westboro Baptist Church

If you can also spot the Nazi-esque anti-semtism YOU WIN!

The website defines terrorism as follows:




1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Now unless you lived under a rock for the years since September 11th 2001 you'll know clearly that America isn't very found of the idea of, the acts of, or the threats of terrorism. We've made this known repeatedly throughout our history even prior to 9/11, because before we began our hunt for Osama, terrorism had a much whiter faces attached to the crimes (ie: Timothy McViegh, The unabomber, and the centennial park bomber). Our attention spans shifted to the more international lines of terror, mostly brown people and/or Muslims. As this weapon of mass distraction was fed more into the media, (both liberal and conservative forms) there seemed to be a blindness to terrorism. While we were all so worried about the guy that works at our local quickie-marts we ignored and refused to care about that which was brewing in our own country. In our blood thirsty decade of hunting the men miles from us and finding no weapons of mass destruction and not even finding our chief villain of 9/11 (until Obama stepped up), we ignored the presence of the hate/fear mongers that were harassing the families of fallen heroes of our military. 
One of these groups seems to be dead set on making the private affairs and sexual orientations of people into a high priority. This is the agenda of the Westboro Baptist Church: to make the gay and lesbians of America feel threaten and terrorized by blaming the downfall of society on homosexuals. While this organization prides itself on following the Bible chapter of Leviticus down to a science, the idea of the New Testament (a half of the Bible where God became far more forgiving of sinners) isn't so important to them at all. This church's main hobby in terrorism is scaring Americans with signs telling us that GOD HATES FAGS, FAGS DOOM NATIONS and other forms of homophobia that are meant to strike fear into the hearts of not just the gay communities but suburbanite heterosexuals as well. They've displayed little to no respect for America as they have protested and demonstrated outside the funerals of men and women, whether straight or gay, those that died in Iraq and Afghanistan; even as they were fighting to defend the first amendment which they hide behind rather than exercise. To make matters worse and to add to their status as a terrorist organization, they're recruiting continuously.
So when I saw that picture above, it made me think. I'm certain it gave your mind a workout as well, because it makes a lot of sense. While the "Occupy" gathered little steam and ended up appearing like a gigantic mess of irresponsible liberalism, the message was sound: Wall Street was being greedy, mishandling money and making us all suffer. The movement could have perhaps become less of a travesty if the police and government had simply let them have their be voice heard; there was no need to intervene on a good idea. But, with all those people up-top- scared to lose a penny from a hippie ever being right- the riot crews stepped in and escalated the problem. 
Good job, pigs.  
He got more action here than in Iraq.
Regardless, the situation was mishandled and resources were wasted on an unarmed and harmless group. Hundreds went jail and tear gas filled the air. Nothing was accomplished and the pigs still keep going to the bank. Wouldn't such hostilities be better spent on a more deserving people? Not to advocate violence against anyone speaking their minds... but were is the justice and equality in Westboro's agenda? There isn't one because in the mind of a religious terrorist organization, equality is sin.
These people are only protesting so that they can have the right to persecute, harass and ultimately judge those that are doing no harm to them. They defend and encourage violence against the LGBT community and take credit for gay suicide, as if they had loaded the gun, tied the rope or gave them the pills. If they had the quarter to do so they would arrest a gay member of your family. Your son, daughter or loved one could be at risk. Imagine them becoming the next inquisition, it is a goal they have in mind and that is not the freedom that makes America thrive; that is the terrorism that will doom us more than and gay person or group ever will.
Leaving a burning cross on someone's property isn't littering?
We wouldn't let Al Qadea  hold a rally. Hamas wouldn't be allowed at your son's cemetery in your lifetime. Yet, a bunch of harmless protesters get tear-gas and a nightstick beating? Whats wrong with THAT picture? We'll even let the KKK protest at pro-civil rights monuments! The Ku Klux Klan: A real terrorist organization with a track record of killing people over their race and we let them adopt highways? Its ridiculous and there is no denying it to even the most patriotic of Americans.  
Don't take crap from international terrorists as our ever probing FBI proves to us daily and we shouldn't ignore these people, either. Attitudes and reactions to groups need to be changed. Those who truly threaten and truly hate deserve the tear gas and nightstick treatment. Leave liberals alone- they're no threat to anyone when compared to true American Terrorists. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Faux and its Cowardly Jab at Jon Stewart

For the record: I refuse to refer to Faux News in its proper spelling...

Faux News has been the news media nexus for conservatism for a number of years. Also they've been the biggest supporters of presidents like Bush, the failed McCain election and recently Mitt Romney's run for the office. There hasn't been a far right source for media that matters to the 40+ crowd of Bible belt types since the insane Wally George entertained people with his "my way or the highway approach".

And good for them. I personally believe that the right deserve to have their own media outlet to turn to for information about the world and our nation. It would be unfair if Americans only had one opinion fed to them by the mainstream media. There greatest things about our country is our freedom of choice and having many of those choices. The left, for example, have MSNBC (and they're not nearly as aggressive as Faux).

Where Faux commits a foul and totally gets away with it is when they assume that the left is stupid and will never call them out. For those of us that don't take the world of politics so seriously and want a laugh once in a while, we turn to Jon Stewart. The Daily Show has been good ever since Craig Kilborn left the show and Jon took over in 1998. Its also no surprise that the humor of TDS aims to call out idiocy displayed by the right (and admit it, they have a tendency to be hilarious).

Too stupid to even be a "bitch".

Stewart and his conservative satire-saturated counterpart- Stephen Colbert, have also been armed and ready for the retaliation. Great example: Colbert is a fake conservative that makes the right look like self-absorbed ass hats (all in good fun).

Jon Stewart puts America's crone in his place.
Jealous much, Bill?
So of course like four-feet-tall, pathetic pussies on the playground, Faux sucker punches Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report for "making a lot of money". It is, of course, a cowardly move since Jon Stewart and Colbert are currently on a hiatus and have no chance of delivering a rebuttal in time for the public to remember. Faux once again proves also that they favor attacking an entertainer and never throw a rock at millionaires that hold bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Mitt Romney has such accounts. So what does Mitt need to hide? There is nothing shadier that a rich man with money that he feels he must hide- drug dealers are notorious for laundering cash this way.

All that being said Faux as proven that they never play fair. So when Jon gets back to work, neither should he or Colbert. Furthermore, if Faux wants so badly to take a dig on the left and The Daily Show than Rupert Murdoch needs to put his money on the line, put comedian Dennis Miller behind a desk and see if they can make some laughs at a liberal's expense. This would be far more noble than swinging at a notable and important voice of reason while he is taking a well-deserved break.

All you'd have to do first is make Dennis Miller funny.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Open Letter to Rick Santorum

Raped and pregnant? Don't worry, Rick's got your back (against a wall).

While you might not be so inclined to read this page... ever, I still put my name out there as a writer and an American to talk man to man with you about a few things. There was a terrible gloom that passed over this country while you were promoting yourself and by reading this you could definitely come clean with all of us, whatever side we wish to be on; be it Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative or your personal favorite: Nuts. Your bread and butter as a senator was, is and shall always be the deep pockets and fear motivated looney tunes of the right. Standing ready, I shall wait for the barrage of claims that I am a liberal jerk by people that have a very vague understanding of what liberal means.

I kept track of your campaign for one reason: it was hilarious! Its clear also that most people thought the same, and it wasn't hard to find the not-so-hidden joke in everything you said. That thing about Obama supporting our enemies; this of course as Bin Laden was being fed to fish: Classic.

That whole thing about Clinton being the most corrupt morally; which by that logic, total crook Nixon and slave banger Jefferson are not as bad: Comedy gold! Your idea about making oral sex illegal; because undoubtedly you've not tried it: Left me in stitches. I dare say, it is almost a let down that your run was cut short because if there is one thing I love watching more that a car crashing and burning, Its a whole idea dying in its hospital bed.

One high note of your greatest hits collection in your stint as the republican's possible MVP was your stance on abortion and contraception. This was where you were a true viking, make no mistake.
 According to you:

"One of the things I will talk about that no president has talked about before is … the dangers of contraception in this country, the whole sexual libertine idea. It's not okay because it's a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. They're supposed to be within marriage, for purposes that are, yes, conjugal … but also procreative."

Something you said during your recent run. While I can see your point, it's still stupid and deserving of disagreement. People aren't going to stop having sex just because they're not married, Rick. Sex isn't an act of rebellion that can be enforced by laws of the land and isn't going to stop being the funnest human to human activity. I think the course of human history will tell you that every time people were persecuted for the act of fucking by a system, the system crumbled after. Even Jesus refused to cast stones towards these sins (crack open that Bible you love so much and look up John 8:7).

Which brings me to my counterpoint to your point. You, the GOP and the rest of the right are always very quick to defend the belief that not only are abortions wrong and murderous, and even having kids out of wedlock is also a no-no. Hell, you took that concept and rammed it in its ass further by saying that even PREVENTING pregnancy was a bad idea. These points are all things that the right wing has every right to believe and follow to the "T" if they so choose. Where the window clouds up is when after our married and sanctified couples produce an unaffordable amount of hungry, unruly germ-balls kids and suddenly those holier than thou parents can't afford to feed them. What are they to do at this point? Republicans and other conservatives in this country love to spread their guilt against those that sign up for and collect welfare benefits just to support their lives. AM Radio is loaded with loudmouths that will complain in constant streams about the very little they pay in taxes for everyone's dumb-ass kids. It is, of course, no surprise that you have supported this argument and have used this device to your advantage.

And you should! Those lousy baby machine mooches! How dare they?! Leeching off the system and rob the wealthy of money they easily can pay! You and your constituency have the right to protest the losers that don't contemplate consequence and screw before thinking. If only they had a way of preventing the occurrence of pregnancy from happening, then we would be able to afford our speed boats, jet skis and other midlife crisis mobiles, instead of paying for these Jerry Springer guests to procreate. Couldn't they just control the natural and pleasurable biological need of sex and just go into the bathrooms of their trailers or outhouses to spank the monkey? Wouldn't the world be a far better place too if we were all blessed with children that roam the streets pick pocketing and looting supermarkets so they can eat. I sure hope my sarcasm makes itself clear because I cannot lay it any thicker in written word.

The solution to abort children early might seem drastic and awful but to make people not even try to plan their future families is taking the rights of Americans pursuit of happiness and throwing it to the rocks. Just because a couple have sex, that doesn't mean they have to make another $270,000 lifetime gamble. Why shouldn't we be allowed to wear a condom, put an IUD in place, or get shots until they are mentally and financially ready to have kids? Furthermore, whats wrong with the taxpayer dollar funding such preventive measures? For God's sake Rick, you don't have to be an economist to see the big expensive picture of having a child and deciding that a $5 box of rubbers is a much better investment for taxpayers than a messy, ugly $600 abortion operation or even worse a $270,000 kid. Make up your minds and pick an option that works because one doesn't always have cake and eat it in the real world.

If there is one thing I and many other Americans can't stand more than welfare brats, its having politicians take more and more liberty in deciding where we screw, how we screw and who we screw. I hate high taxes, and I know taxes go higher with every accidental miracle that didn't get pulled out and end up a stain on an air mattress. Sex isn't something that the law will have any control or regulation over. Abortion isn't a new concept or trend, its something practiced for millions of years by women frightened of raising a child in a world this fucked up or ashamed because a man either raped them or left them. Its also a question of personal health; many women become accidentally pregnant and have to make a choice of having a baby that might not last long due to birth defects or harm to the mother. It goes beyond financing a child; it becomes a question of whats worse: losing two lives or just one that barely has a shot.

I will give your "anti" stance on abortion the benefit of the doubt by saying that there should be a time limit of up to three months and then its no turning back. At which point most of you conservatives throw out the idea that most unprepared mothers should consider adoption. I don't know if you or any of the Faux News crowd are paying attention but adopted kids are not always so happy to know that someone else is raising them (I personally know people raised by adoptive parents and they're a complete mess). Doesn't it sort of seem like permanent foster parenting? Adding insult to injury is that most parents looking to adopt don't look to American children, they set sights to China or who knows where else. This isn't of course to save the kids but rather to have this accessory to buy a ticket to heaven. "Exploitation" is the word I think of. Never mind the starving and pathless children here, you have a trophy to show off (made in China too). These are the truths that flaw the industry of adoption. That's right, I said "industry" and I might spend an hour in Hell for saying that after I die.

Contraception is saving America every day. Our rights to choose what happens to our genitals is one example of the greatest freedoms we have. And you, Rick Dick Santo' almost took that right away from us and tried to make us into oppressive pilgrims. I will not let you try to tell us that populating the country with unwanted and unplanned children is God's will. I wonder at times if you or your supporters know God at all. You know the Pope and the Catholic system (not the same thing as God). If you're still not convinced of all these facts (which I am certain you aren't) then have fun wiping your ass with our rights and the rest of us can plan on breaking all those stupid little rules, the same rules you care so much about jamming down our throats.

Devaluing a car: The right wing's bumper sticker agenda

In 2008 the words "Change" became a slogan rather than just a vague verb. As our nation moved ever so gratefully away from George W Bush, we became enamored with a candidate that seemed  to be from the future. As this man climbed the top of the poles higher, his goal of becoming the first Black American leader of the (formerly) most powerful country in the world was quickly taking shape. Barack Obama was and is this man and regardless of what many thought would happen, he was never assassinated, never once declared slavery to Whites, and still has yet to ruin our country like many were scared would happen...

But don't tell that to his opponents; they're still selling kool-aid to their constituency. (actually suicide mixers done by religious cults were made with Flavor-aid, but forgive me for doing a little more homework). So when I drive on my way to work, why does my head nearly shake off its stump when I see the sticker that reads: I didn't drink the Kool-Aid in 2008?

And yet Obama still won, I think you should ask for a refund.
Talk about sore losers; Obama wins fair and square and a mass suicide seemed to be on Rush Limbaugh's mind. It seems like proof that those who accepted the win and wished him the best were better off dead as far as Douche Limbaugh was concerned. We do know for a fact that Rush's excessive addiction to pills would render him immune to a poisonous cup of go-to-sleep-forever, which adds greater emphasis on his blackened and negative heart.

Here is another gem that conjures a knee-jerk "no fucking way" reaction: The bumper sticker displaying Bush's face accompanied by a caption reading: "Do you miss me yet?".
No, Bush. Stay in Texas. Forever.

Okay, let me think on the 8 year portfolio of Bush.

9th grade level public speeches
The war in Iraq
Jobs lost
Raising Anti Gay Bigotry
Darth Cheney
Gas prices hikes
Etc ... you know the rest. C'mon people, it wasn't THAT long ago.

Regardless of whether or not these things were Bush's fault or not (I blame more his following for all those things), these are not things that I am missing. However much this bumper sticker printer made in profit is irrelevant, it was money made off of idiots looking to willingly deface their Hummers. I would hope that no matter what side of the fence you stand on, this question of missing the dumbest commander and chief in our nation's history could be the ultimate test of one's memory.

Oh and my answer is, of course, No.

No politician gives a shit about your car, pickup truck, or SUV and a thin layer of resin pasting a blind faith message of what you believe isn't going to matter when shit really goes wrong. Did our founding fathers use wheat paste and hemp paper to proudly display it's independence on horse carts? No, they didn't because they were ballsy and such displays of support are  fucking stupid and will be no matter what age. Actions speak more loudly, as we all know. Although Thomas Jefferson might have liked the sticker that reads: Once ye goes black, ye never goes back.
 (No offense to my only 1 black reader of this entry, but that's funny and you know it!)

The Obama bumper sticker removal kit:
Perfect for undecided, flip-flopping pussies!

As the term of Obama has rolled on, his bumper stickers have been getting harder to find. This is due to the amazingly high level of cowardice that dumb people have when they felt like all the good things that were supposed to happen under Obama didn't happen immediately. Sharper cookies know that change isn't something that happens quickly and the sticker on your car doesn't usher it, there must be real action. There also needs to be fewer Republicans on capital hill blocking every proposal. If you seriously removed your bumper sticker due to pure embarrassment, then remove your balls as well.

Excellence in Boredcasting

Hot Air: An examination of the conservative radio pundit.

Do you know why AM radio was invented? Do people even listen to the AM frequency of radio anymore? Of course, we all know that people still do but on the one setting that barely is clear most of the time, a movement against free thinking America has brewed and is now out of control. This new and first entry to American Opiate might only talk of one all-talk and no action jackass, but the point of the entry can be extended to all of them.

Rush Limbaugh: A notable and well known pundit that has made a career of putting his opinion on the air waves for over 2 decades. First glances he may appear to be your typical run of the mill fat-ass loudmouth and you would be right. The best part about unbearable conservatives, one can totally judge a book by its cover (example being Ann Coulter totally looking like a bitch and acting the look perfectly), no one embodies the symbol and appearance of the overpaid, overfed, no working, criminal for a profit stereotype quite like him.

His contributions to the right have been more than just shaking the hive of already pissed off Americans that don't make nearly as much financially as he does, he also has spawned other imitators like the aforementioned Coulter. Meanwhile, he laughs his way to the bank while Americans buy his books, listen to his show, or do whatever his bidding may be while their own lives continue to circle the drain. Big businesses sponsor his show and it doesn't matter to him whether the product matters to him or not. Its like listening to an abusive husband read the paper for the Sleep Number bed he got for free.

I would hope that most of the American public is aware that this guy, Limbaugh, isn't for real. He isn't a good conservative nor a good American. He has lied to his followers that religiously listen to his Excellence in Broadcasting show by being completely hypocritical to everything he says. This first entry to American Opiate is here to serve the reader by reminding you that many of these pundit heroes (mainly conservative) don't care about the crumbling state of the union, they just want your money.  I'm not here to be a pundit hero; I am here to ask the question of whether or not we should put our country into the hands of people that hate freedom and love rules instead.

Rush has an entire executive profile of hypocritical sins that he would totally toast a liberal for without forethought. It seems he follows the Richard Nixon way of life in that if HE does something bad than its not illegal. The worst of it, his loyal listeners just take it and never make him answer for these crimes.

Let me paint you a picture: You: an average Joe Plumber, Joe Sixpack, or Joe Whatever-else-you-do-on-sunday-besides-beat-your-kid, illegally obtain oxycontin pain pills and you have an uncontrollable addiction to them, you're sick and have a problem. This is a case of similar proportions to being a heroin addict or a crack whore; you are under the influence of a drug and you cannot kick it on your own. You don't deserve jail time just for buying and doing the drugs, you need to be rehabilitated because you are killing yourself. Suicidal people get similar treatment, stand at the ledge of a building and you'll see. But don't tell that to Rush, he'll make an entire broadcast about how you need to be shipped away or thrown in jail, perhaps even sent out of the country. If you don't want to believe me or don't remember because you are still a member of his herd-  read on:

"What this says to me is that too many whites are getting away with drug use, too many whites are getting away with drug sales, too many whites are getting away with trafficking in this stuff. The answer to this disparity is not to start letting people out of jail because we're not putting others in jail who are breaking the law. The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them and send them up the river, too" (Oct. 5, 1995, The Rush Limbaugh Show transcript).

Rush, stick to your guns or give the people who paid you their money back.

The Limbaugh argument for stricter drug laws became totally void in 2003 when he announced that he was being sent off to rehab for being a pillhead. It gets worse. His housekeeper was helping him by exchanging cigar boxes full of cash for cigar boxes full of pills. I guess in the world of rich-dick conservatives, this is like blowing guys behind dumpsters for crack rocks.

If there is another thing that Rush is most notable for it is talking shit and then apologizing. This isn't of course because he regrets saying what he said, its because he doesn't want to lose sponsors. He apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a "Slut" on live radio when she made the argument for contraception. When the shit hit the fan , he pulled back and said he was sorry. It is obvious that he wasn't really sorry, but when money is on the line there is no integrity to his mantra and the almighty dollar is all the God this man needs.

In 2008 Barack Obama became the first Black America President and this made him upset. Upset enough to conjure rumors of Obama's birthplace and agenda. Since Rush is living high on the hog, he fears the higher taxes he may have to pay that he can easily afford. He ruined McCain's chances of course by not helping the campaign against Barack and kept his conspiracies to himself while Obama won the election. With the newly elected president, Rush went right to work in stirring the ant bed of angry people. This means more listeners, a longer time on air, and more ka-ching! Typical business ethics of a money hungry businessman and not a of a good American.

Behold! The face of a fail.

His values don't seem to add up with all the talk. He will, of course, continue his war path and thanks to the millions that people pay him his heart will keep on ticking until something else kills him. He was very quick to throw Obama's healthcare plan under the bus after his heart gave out and his deep pockets paid for the whole treatment with no delay or red tape.

You'll never read this but its worth telling you anyways...
Yes Rush, your heart might be in the clear but I doubt the people who listen to you can be so fortunate. Maybe you should support Obamacare just a little more since the longer those people live, the more you can hobble to the bank.