Friday, October 5, 2012

Things conservatives need to get used to: America needs liberals.

Often times when I talk to conservatives (if I must), all I  hear is slander against "liberals"; as if they're an infectious disease. Most normal people, myself included, just think of the far-out hippie leftist crowd as a minor annoyance; a group that only sinks their own ship by proposing we bite off more resources and tax dollars that can be chewed or afforded. Other times they're just wanting "free everything" and as little responsibility with that freedom as possible; a desire all of us have and even the most staunch conservatives wouldn't deny.

No matter how loud they can get, how much weed they smoke, abortions they undergo or support, or who they choose to sleep with, they're no real threat. If anything, they often remind us all that freedom is being more and more dwindled and this gets proven whenever notable libs speak out in controversy and the most notable reactions are "shut ups" from Bill O'reilly. Doesn't telling some one to "shut up" violate the freedom of speech clause of the First Amendment?

Liberalism is a term for the idea of being free. Another way to describe to be liberal is to believe in liberty. Free to speak your mind, worship a God you see fit (or not worship at all), own a gun, support my government if I agree with them or call bullshit if I don't, and suck a dick if my partner of legal age consents to it. If you're having an enormous chip on your shoulder about liberals, than your hostility is overkill and totally misdirected. You might be jealous as well. Truth is, liberals are your bread and butter...

Imagine a world without liberals! No one to ever complain about the destruction on the environment. I'm sure we'd all get used to breathing in an atmosphere full of Hummer smog. None of those abortion rights activists would be around, so society can have every trailer park home stuffed with unwanted and unplanned miracles either packed in a double-wide like sardines or running loose through town as cockney pick-pockets. Liberals also like getting in everyone's face about civil rights; so without them, your possibly-future-gay children can have their asses beat daily by the so-called "patriots". A world that nightmarish hasn't been seem since Germany in WWII and we all know how THAT went.

There are far worse threats to our great red white and blue than Liberals. Did they pilot the planes on September 11th 2001? No. Are they trying to molest alter boys? Definitely not, in fact most corrupt priests wear the badge of conservatism proudly- even as they're caught.

Do Libs saturate the media with their bullshit on a 24 basis and publish enough books of propaganda to stock an entire section of Barnes and Noble? As always- I'll report, you decide.