Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things Conservatives Need To Get Used To: Gay Marriage

Attention Conservatives,

I don't know if you've ever looked away from Faux News long enough to notice, or have been distracted by other nonsense, but turn down Mike Savage's meltdown on the radio and spend a few minutes to read on...

These are things you just have to accept. Let's start with something that many of you think is so damned important.

I think its very important to start with the facts about myself personally seeing that I am the writer of this post: I am not gay. I am a straight, white, all American male that isn't attracted to the same sex. I have a female fiance (That was born female!). So with that being said, don't start resorting to calling me a 'fag' or just because I have rebutted your pro-hate argument. Besides that, the word "fag" doesn't mean homosexual anymore thanks to South Park: click here for an explanation to that.

So why would I give a shit about gay people trying to marry? I don't know; why do you give a shit?

You conservatives are always trying to impede on the lives and liberties of other people. Whether its gays trying to marry or black people trying to avoid getting beaten by the police, the oppression seems to be fun for you. Even if the outcome of such unions or progressions affects you or affects you very little, you seem to think that the issue is all about YOU. Believe it or not, you conservatives are not the only people that have to live in this country and you might just have to have a gay co-worker, relative, or teacher in your kid's school.

First you gave mixed race couples a lot of shit for joining together and having lives. You conservatives even marched to Capital Hill to protest those marriages and somehow tried to relate it to communism(?). What a surprise; it didn't work. You can't tell people who to love and who they should join together with and form families. I guess conservatives fear the success of mixed race people like:

Yeah, that guy.

Now you're getting all butt-hurt for gays getting or wanting to get hitched. It wouldn't affect you, your economy or your way of life, gays aren't really for trying to convert people like door to door religious salesmen (they just joke about it). What the fuck is your deal? Gays have been trying to fight the image of being promiscuous since the 1980's AIDS epidemic. Now they want to show that they can be just as upstanding as the typical American family and you want to block them. How about obeying our Declaration of Independence and treat people as equals- or do you simply want to deny a group of Americans that right...again. 

Either way, two men getting hitched isn't going to cause the wrath of God. People against interracial marriage tried to promote this notion and as I mentioned it didn't work and we've yet to see any wrath. Oh, in case you want to start bring up any current natural disasters then here is a final thought:

Hurricanes and earthquakes are caused by barometric pressures and tectonic plates shifting, not Adam and Steve or Ellen and Eve.  

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