Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is Sarah Palin a hero? I report, you decide.

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Never mind the obvious. This picture looks like she is obviously saying "YAY! I love Chick-Fil-A! Thanks for making sure gay people can't get married!". As if Adam and Steve getting hitched really affected her way of life. While I'd love to go on and on about CFA's recent PR fuck-up I'll just go with KFC and hope that Chick gets invaded by shemales. I choose rather to take my aim at someone who gets way too much credit for contributing so little. 

Since when do we award ignorance? While that might seem a vague question- it deserves to be asked as to why this political talking head gets so much credit and praise for actions that would otherwise ruin the image or career of an ordinary, working class person (like you, the reader).

The fact is, Sarah Palin is not a hero- and I would hope there are registered Republicans who agree that she is just a cheerleader for the right. You're not "rogue" if you don't finish what you start- but so many people gave a standing ovation to her walking away from her job as the governor of Alaska. You are also not a model parent if your daughter gets pregnant by a douchebag. If someone like the average American has children out of wedlock, the religious right-wing crowd won't give you the time of day- unless your Bristol Palin. The right had a lot to say about NOT criticizing her for the mistake that her daughter made, but in an alternate universe the right wouldn't have been so fair to a Democrat parent having a child that made a similar mistake. Does anyone perhaps remember her giving a speech while reading notes on her hand? In speech class that would give you an "F" ... in middle school...even if you were in the "special class".

If you're still thinking I am playing the Liberal card then just take a look at our lives compared to the Palin clan. The inequality inherent in our society becomes more clear the closer you look. Let's say that I quit my job because I'm not happy with the "way things work"- I'm not looked upon favorably. In that regard, I'm just a quitter and an unemployed burden to the state. Perhaps it was better that I stick around and try my best to change things by staying in the game? But if you're Sarah, leaving halfway through gets you a job at Faux News.

If the majority of conservatives really look up to these kinds of people then its no wonder their side has such opposition. If all this doesn't make you go "hmmmm" then consider this: 

If McCain had not picked her as a running mate, do you think Obama be in the White House today?

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