Monday, July 9, 2012

Faux and its Cowardly Jab at Jon Stewart

For the record: I refuse to refer to Faux News in its proper spelling...

Faux News has been the news media nexus for conservatism for a number of years. Also they've been the biggest supporters of presidents like Bush, the failed McCain election and recently Mitt Romney's run for the office. There hasn't been a far right source for media that matters to the 40+ crowd of Bible belt types since the insane Wally George entertained people with his "my way or the highway approach".

And good for them. I personally believe that the right deserve to have their own media outlet to turn to for information about the world and our nation. It would be unfair if Americans only had one opinion fed to them by the mainstream media. There greatest things about our country is our freedom of choice and having many of those choices. The left, for example, have MSNBC (and they're not nearly as aggressive as Faux).

Where Faux commits a foul and totally gets away with it is when they assume that the left is stupid and will never call them out. For those of us that don't take the world of politics so seriously and want a laugh once in a while, we turn to Jon Stewart. The Daily Show has been good ever since Craig Kilborn left the show and Jon took over in 1998. Its also no surprise that the humor of TDS aims to call out idiocy displayed by the right (and admit it, they have a tendency to be hilarious).

Too stupid to even be a "bitch".

Stewart and his conservative satire-saturated counterpart- Stephen Colbert, have also been armed and ready for the retaliation. Great example: Colbert is a fake conservative that makes the right look like self-absorbed ass hats (all in good fun).

Jon Stewart puts America's crone in his place.
Jealous much, Bill?
So of course like four-feet-tall, pathetic pussies on the playground, Faux sucker punches Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report for "making a lot of money". It is, of course, a cowardly move since Jon Stewart and Colbert are currently on a hiatus and have no chance of delivering a rebuttal in time for the public to remember. Faux once again proves also that they favor attacking an entertainer and never throw a rock at millionaires that hold bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and Mitt Romney has such accounts. So what does Mitt need to hide? There is nothing shadier that a rich man with money that he feels he must hide- drug dealers are notorious for laundering cash this way.

All that being said Faux as proven that they never play fair. So when Jon gets back to work, neither should he or Colbert. Furthermore, if Faux wants so badly to take a dig on the left and The Daily Show than Rupert Murdoch needs to put his money on the line, put comedian Dennis Miller behind a desk and see if they can make some laughs at a liberal's expense. This would be far more noble than swinging at a notable and important voice of reason while he is taking a well-deserved break.

All you'd have to do first is make Dennis Miller funny.

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