Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Terrorism in the USA: The Westboro Baptist Church

If you can also spot the Nazi-esque anti-semtism YOU WIN!

The website Dictionary.com defines terrorism as follows:




1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Now unless you lived under a rock for the years since September 11th 2001 you'll know clearly that America isn't very found of the idea of, the acts of, or the threats of terrorism. We've made this known repeatedly throughout our history even prior to 9/11, because before we began our hunt for Osama, terrorism had a much whiter faces attached to the crimes (ie: Timothy McViegh, The unabomber, and the centennial park bomber). Our attention spans shifted to the more international lines of terror, mostly brown people and/or Muslims. As this weapon of mass distraction was fed more into the media, (both liberal and conservative forms) there seemed to be a blindness to terrorism. While we were all so worried about the guy that works at our local quickie-marts we ignored and refused to care about that which was brewing in our own country. In our blood thirsty decade of hunting the men miles from us and finding no weapons of mass destruction and not even finding our chief villain of 9/11 (until Obama stepped up), we ignored the presence of the hate/fear mongers that were harassing the families of fallen heroes of our military. 
One of these groups seems to be dead set on making the private affairs and sexual orientations of people into a high priority. This is the agenda of the Westboro Baptist Church: to make the gay and lesbians of America feel threaten and terrorized by blaming the downfall of society on homosexuals. While this organization prides itself on following the Bible chapter of Leviticus down to a science, the idea of the New Testament (a half of the Bible where God became far more forgiving of sinners) isn't so important to them at all. This church's main hobby in terrorism is scaring Americans with signs telling us that GOD HATES FAGS, FAGS DOOM NATIONS and other forms of homophobia that are meant to strike fear into the hearts of not just the gay communities but suburbanite heterosexuals as well. They've displayed little to no respect for America as they have protested and demonstrated outside the funerals of men and women, whether straight or gay, those that died in Iraq and Afghanistan; even as they were fighting to defend the first amendment which they hide behind rather than exercise. To make matters worse and to add to their status as a terrorist organization, they're recruiting continuously.
So when I saw that picture above, it made me think. I'm certain it gave your mind a workout as well, because it makes a lot of sense. While the "Occupy" gathered little steam and ended up appearing like a gigantic mess of irresponsible liberalism, the message was sound: Wall Street was being greedy, mishandling money and making us all suffer. The movement could have perhaps become less of a travesty if the police and government had simply let them have their be voice heard; there was no need to intervene on a good idea. But, with all those people up-top- scared to lose a penny from a hippie ever being right- the riot crews stepped in and escalated the problem. 
Good job, pigs.  
He got more action here than in Iraq.
Regardless, the situation was mishandled and resources were wasted on an unarmed and harmless group. Hundreds went jail and tear gas filled the air. Nothing was accomplished and the pigs still keep going to the bank. Wouldn't such hostilities be better spent on a more deserving people? Not to advocate violence against anyone speaking their minds... but were is the justice and equality in Westboro's agenda? There isn't one because in the mind of a religious terrorist organization, equality is sin.
These people are only protesting so that they can have the right to persecute, harass and ultimately judge those that are doing no harm to them. They defend and encourage violence against the LGBT community and take credit for gay suicide, as if they had loaded the gun, tied the rope or gave them the pills. If they had the quarter to do so they would arrest a gay member of your family. Your son, daughter or loved one could be at risk. Imagine them becoming the next inquisition, it is a goal they have in mind and that is not the freedom that makes America thrive; that is the terrorism that will doom us more than and gay person or group ever will.
Leaving a burning cross on someone's property isn't littering?
We wouldn't let Al Qadea  hold a rally. Hamas wouldn't be allowed at your son's cemetery in your lifetime. Yet, a bunch of harmless protesters get tear-gas and a nightstick beating? Whats wrong with THAT picture? We'll even let the KKK protest at pro-civil rights monuments! The Ku Klux Klan: A real terrorist organization with a track record of killing people over their race and we let them adopt highways? Its ridiculous and there is no denying it to even the most patriotic of Americans.  
Don't take crap from international terrorists as our ever probing FBI proves to us daily and we shouldn't ignore these people, either. Attitudes and reactions to groups need to be changed. Those who truly threaten and truly hate deserve the tear gas and nightstick treatment. Leave liberals alone- they're no threat to anyone when compared to true American Terrorists. 

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