Monday, September 3, 2012

Really, Mr Akin?

I am not a woman so I cannot really give a comment to what they feel when they're raped, or pregnant with no or limited options. Regardless of this- there is nothing but pure rage in me when MEN attempt to speak on a woman's behalf, especially when it comes to sore subjects, like equality or their rights. A man, whether Conservative or Liberal, has no business trying to define rape towards a woman. Todd Akin has recklessly and without forethought said that any woman that has been "legitimately" raped her reproductive organs will shut down a pregnancy. There is no medical evidence that proves this at all. It was simply said in the vein to take a cheap stab at pro-choice advocates and progressive women.     

What I am about to state might sound sexist but I don't fucking care. NO MAN has any right to talk about what rape is, what makes it legitimate, or how a woman should birth and keep a rape baby. When a man goes to prison, gets held down and impregnated by a fellow inmate then he can talk some shit, but that isn't going to happen. 

Its become clear that sexist Republican males like Mr. Akin have declared war on women's rights because they only want women to fulfill 1 role: cooking, cleaning, and cranking out babies. True Story.

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