Friday, August 24, 2012

Things Conservatives Need To Get Used To: Obama Won

Of course, but people are asking for a lot more than that, Mitt.
In the beginning of Barack Obama's presidency the biggest request of his critics was for him to validate himself as an American citizen by releasing his birth certificate. First big hole in that idea is that Obama probably had to do that before he even thought about running for political office in the first place (he was a senator, remember?). He also attended college, became a lawyer, got married, got student loans, had children, and probably has had to fill out documents in order to prove that he was a natural U.S. citizen. If you have to give your Social Security Number to get a video store membership or credit card then it is doubtful one can become President of the United States with a phony birth certificate. Actually, genuine common sense will tell you that election officials probably ask for a lot of candidates before they can even run, let alone get elected.

That didn't stop the Right from having a media field day when Obama finally put his document out there, which they all claim is fake. And here comes common sense to tell people that all that denial was a predictable defense for the blight-wing to put up with no support. If you can't prove it is real than you can't prove that it is fake, either.

Besides that, there was fault in the whole plan of trying to out Obama as foreign born in the first place. If it were true then why wasn't it revealed BEFORE we made our votes? If the "birthers" are right, then they're also the biggest procrastinators to ever organize. Where the fuck where they six months prior to the race in 2008? Obama is now four years in office; you're too late and there is no taking back that he won fair and square (unlike the first time his predecessor ran in 2000). But this article isn't a fluff piece or a defense for our current Commander in Chief. That would be against what American Opiate is about because Obama has plenty of people defending him for his disappointing first term.

There is a real issue at hand and it's moment in the light has come (and this time, early). As of this date, Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has yet to release his tax returns and his reasoning why is shady. He also hasn't told us why he has money in the Cayman Islands. The cherry on top is the mystery surrounding what he did or didn't do at Bain Capital. What has Faux News done to help him come clean and clear his name? Nothing (obviously). In a chance to fess up he insulted our motives and intelligence:

(my comments are in parenthesis) 
"I just have to say that given the challenges that America faces, 23 million people out of work, Iran about to become nuclear, one of every six Americans in poverty (distract much?) –the fascination with the taxes I pay, I find it to be small-minded (Asking for a birth certificate after Obama won is small-minded) compared to the broad issues that we face. But I did go back and look at my taxes, and over the past 10 years I never paid less than 13 percent. I think the most recent year is 13.6 (I paid more and make money that you use as toilet paper) or something like that." ("or something like that?" what the fuck, Mitt- get your facts straight.). -from the Washington Post.

And when Mitt does pay up, will Faux and the conspiracy nuts deny it?
Will Donald Trump -who heckled Obama to release his birth certificate- beg on the Faux and Friends show for Mitt to be a sport? Don't hold your breath. But why not? Wouldn't Donald prefer an honest businessman to run the country and not a slimy prick with shady morals and awful hair? Never mind. Wouldn't Faux want to show that it's fair and balanced by asking Mitt to just be honest about how he got to be so successful and what he stands to gain if President? Fat chance.

Hypocrisy runs deep in politics and if you're going to be running the country then our public figures need to follow through when the masses make a request. Obama came clean and the Right put themselves in total denial in response.What does that say about America and the Republicans? Most Americans have to provide 5 years worth of tax returns, credit reports, and all our financial information just to get a mortgage. It is clear that if Mitt wants to live in the White House, he should fork over the papers.

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