Saturday, August 11, 2012

A (real) liberal's open letter to Hollywood

With the next election drawing near, now its time for the most pretentious among you to purchase $10,000 a plate dinners in support of Obama's newest campaign and most of us that are on the same side politically won't stop you there. I certainly couldn't afford to hand him such support and wouldn't even if I could; Barack needs to win votes based on his 4 year resume, not his rich friends of tinsel town. Personally, I think his chances look better every time Mitt speaks.

Thanks for helping Barack, if he hasn't thanked you already. But that doesn't mean you all still don't piss me off occationally. It's not that I don't appreciate all your hard work as entertainers, but most of the entertainment business needs a reality check.

I am referring to the actors, producers, directors, some writers, and let's not forget those musicians that pump out the same thoughtless crap year after year.  You contribute to entertaining me as my temporary escape from a cruel reality that I face every day on an income that most of you could use to wipe your ass. The end result most of the time is artless movies and music. For example: you remade fucking Spiderman and it was barely a decade old! Eat my ass! I gave you my box office support in 2002 and liked it the first time, so that's all you're getting out of me.

So with all my personal irks of bad decision making in regard to whatever you expect me to see or listen to out of the way, I need to give you my first point. Many leftists like myself are getting a bit tired of you pretending you give a shit... about anything. Every damn time I turn on the TV and Hollywood is showing us its charitable side, I can only the see the smugness of people that have it so easy. Bono could cut a check and buy groceries for starving kids from his yacht, Madonna should give up her limo if she cares about global warming and take a fucking bus, and if Lady Gaga wants to make a pro-gay marriage statement, she can just say so without looking like a fool in a dress made of raw meat. Bono knows some people that could've eaten that meat. There is a world that needs genuine help- it is not a time for free publicity.

If it hasn't been made clear yet, then I will tell you as plain as I can: whenever celebrities make a social or political stance, the message either misses the point, is insincere. confusing, unclear, or looks like a blatant PR stunt. The issues at hand in politics affect people in the real world and maybe being in Hollywood is like being in Oz, but no matter what happens in Washington, actors and pop musicians have little to worry about. If the world ended tomorrow, your spot on any ark to save humanity is more guaranteed than mine.

So please quit saying that you're on our side and get off your soapbox, 'cause the box you stand on is a lot more expensive than the one I have to use. I don't have the millions to support the ideas I find sound, all I can do is write this blog, vote, and pray that leaders put in place don't sell my dreams to China. If you want to make a difference, then be honest, clear, and generous without being pompous douchebags or otherwise stick to your profession- entertaining.

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