Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Frank Zappa

These days being conservative means protesting taxes you'll never have to pay
Don't worry kid, no one wants your fucking legos!

 and bitching about social changes that have yet to even happen and won't affect you anyways.
Although there is a chance of a Flavor-aid/cyanide cocktail party at the 700 Club.

But it wasn't always this way- some conservatives actually still believed in freedom of choice and freedom of speech. Frank Zappa was that man and he identifies himself as a conservative on Crossfire in 1986.

That didn't mean that there wasn't a rich group of camera-ready right-wingers that would favor the almighty dollar, their almighty image and their almighty opinions over all others. Those same dicks like to thumb their noses at people for merely having an opinion that isn't aligned with theirs. So in this video notice how Frank doesn't even get to say a damned thing and his detractors ask him a question and don't even give Frank a chance to explain his point. Something Faux does this with liberal most of the time.

Here is a similar video...  (a parody from Cleese and Chapman).

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